Yes, it may be true that you work long hours. But, with this workout that you can do at your desk, the excuse of being too busy to exercise is no longer acceptable. A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to contribute to heart disease, cancer, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety. With all the sitting involved in most of our days, from commuting to working at a computer to watching television in the evenings, it's essential that you take a few minutes everyday to engage your muscles and bones and get your heart pumping.

Office Workout: Cardio and Strength Training

This workout features 10 exercises that you can do at or beside your desk. It'll take you about 10 minutes to complete. Try to fit it in at least once a day.

March In Place with Shoulder Press - 25 reps

Standing beside your desk, march in place while emphasizing the lifting of your knees with each step. As you march, press your hands from your shoulders to up over your head until your arms are fully extended, and then lower them to your shoulders again. Repeat until you've done all the reps.

Standing Hamstring Curl - 20 reps

Step in place. With each step, bend your knee to pull your heel toward your buttocks. Repeat until you've finished 10 on each side.

Arm Circles / Shoulder Shrugs - 20 reps

Stand with your arms held up and out to your sides. Rotate your arms around in circles. Do 10 going forward and then 10 going backward.

Knee Drive - 20 reps

Step in place. With each step, drive the knee up toward the chest while simultaneously driving your elbows down. Repeat back and forth between legs until you've done 10 on each side.

Air Punching - 20 reps

Stand with your elbows bent and clinched fists at your shoulders. Rotate your torso to the left as you throw a punch with your right hand. Rotate back to the right and throw a punch in the air with your left hand. Repeat back and forth until you've done 10 on each side.

Desk Push-ups - 15 reps

Stand and place your hands on the edge of the desk so that they're shoulder-width apart. Walk your feet backward slightly until your torso and thighs create a straight line. Bend your arms to lower your chest toward your desk, and then straighten them to push yourself back up. Repeat until you're finished with all the reps.

Wall Sits or Squats - 30 seconds/10 reps

For wall sits, stand with your back against a wall. Move your feet out 12 to 24 inches away from the wall and be sure they're set to shoulder-width. Bend your knees to slide your back down the wall. Lower until your knees are bent to 90 degrees and hold that position for 30 seconds.

For an extra challenge, do squats instead. Set your feet to hip width apart. Interlock your fingers and place your hands behind your head. Push your buttocks backward as you bend your knees to lower your hips toward the floor. Keep going until your thighs are parallel to the floor and then extend your legs to return to a standing position and complete the rep. Repeat.

Toe Raises - 25 reps

With your feet set to hip-width apart, press your heels up off the floor. Slowly lower them back down and then repeat.

Jump In Place - 10 reps

To really get your heart going, with your feet set hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and then jump in place. As soon as you land, bend your knees again and go right into the next rep.

Seated Knee Extensions - 20 reps

Sit up tall in your chair with your knees bent and feet firmly on the floor. Extend your left knee to lift your foot up off the ground until your lower leg is parallel to the floor. Return your foot to the floor and repeat on the opposite leg. Continue alternating until you've finished 10 reps on each side.

Additional Work Fitness Tips: Ways to Get In More Activity

You can also easily get more physical activity into your day at work by making some easy adjustments. For example, if your office isn't on the first floor, opt to take the stairs rather than the elevator everyday. Stair climbing is good for your cardiovascular system and builds strength in your hips and legs. Additionally, try to park further away from your office so that you get some extra steps in everyday just walking to and from your car. If you have a message to share with a coworker, consider getting up and walking over to speak with them rather than sending an email. Finally, if your day is slammed with meetings, try to take walking meetings. In some cases, you may be able to walk around the building while you discuss matters rather than sit in a conference room.